World of Lenticular

Welcome to Lentimax. We are leading manufacturer of large lenticular prints in EU. With capability of more than 10k CLP (120x180 cm) sheets per month and unbeatable quality proven by several awards - we are the best choice.

We specialize in large format lenticular print such as citylights, large murals, promotional stands and posters. Our prices are really a breakthrough in lenticular market. Look at our works in gallery and do not hesitate to ask questions.

Lenticular technology allows to visualize 3D depth effect on flat surfaces without any special glasses or other devices. Some modification in files preparation lets us achieve effects of animation, flip or zoom. It's a new technology bringing about serious enhancement of buyers' attention. Sure it looks flat on your computer screen but, although it's fairly new, you must have stumbled upon this technology somewhere before and you know it yourself - there's no contest. It's a must in advanced marketing. 

With our help you can produce as little as e.g. one posters in 50x70 cm format or as much as huge installation of hundreds of sqm. We offer highly innovative and rarely seen products as FLIP-FLOP banners, stands, POS, lenticular shelf-liners. One of our most important aims is to offer good quality for good price which means constant search for technologies enabling better accessibility of lenticular technology.