Indoor decors

Lenticular print is an exellent interior decoration material. It may be bent and backlight so it is perfect for lamp shades or sconces for instance.
Using the movement effect makes the interior livlier and more attractive. Using colour switching panels allows for creating live architecture that changes depending on the point of viewing. Alert interior designers - they may come up with thousands of possible artistic uses of lenticulars.

Minimum 10-year durability of materials and print makes for necessary lasting of installation.

Lenticular print may be finished as follows:
- white backside acting as light diffusor 
- white backside with stoplight layer
- transparent backside 
- metallic backside - amplifying the light reflection in one direction


Lens sheet may be bent (in case of 40 LPI the diameter of rolled up lens sheet is 20cm with roll length of 120 cm)