Point of Sales

Point of sale is an exellent place where lenticular print may play a lead. Advertisements using lenticular prints are head-turners. Wise use and good graphic design can lead to a significant increase in sales. Prices offered by us allow this technology to take the place of usual 2D print, at simmilar price we offer much greater visibility.

Lenticular print may constitute a fragment of exposer, be a part of exhibition arrangement or a shelf element. The possibilities are countless. Prints may be finished with self-adhesive which eases on application. All lens exept for 20LPI (3 mm thick) may be bent.
Lenticular technology could be applied to many POS materials like stands, exposers, stoppers, shelf liners etc. Due to our extended ability to post printing execution we can route, band, stick plastics, metal, paper, corrugated cardboard etc. We can apply our lenticular print to almost all of your POS designs. We can prepare whole or partial production (it means that we can produce whole stand or exposer as well as lenticular print dedicated to it only). We have enough production space to handle space consumable production like assembling exposers. We can route sizes up to 2 x 3 m in any plastic, dibond, aluminum, wood, MDF etc. All necessary assembling techniques like gluing, hot gluing, welding are also available.