Here are some frequently asked  questions :)

Does the effect (3D, flip) affect the price?

Yes, for instance 3D prints in big format are suitable for 20LPI lens which is a more expensive material. Price is affected by chosen effect , size of edition, format of print. There is nothing like a sqm price in lenticular in general.

Does the amount of order affect unit price?

Yes, you need to contact us every time :)

What is the most economical MOQ ?

MOQ in digital starts from one copy. In litho printing - 300-400 pcs in small format (minimal order price 1 000 €)

What does the whole process of order realisation look like?

YOU inquiry - WE quotation, YOU design - WE design approval, WE proof print - YOU green light - official order (through our site), 50% or more prepayment (it depends), WE production - YOU waiting, WE shipping or YOU pick-up on the balance of payment, YOU WE HAPPY :) :) :)

how to prepare files for production?

Use this link here

Are we able to change the design into 3D or flip ?

Unfortunately not every one.

What is the time of production depending on the amount of edition?

Digital printing - starts from 2-3 days, litho printing - starts from 10 days